Your professional development

My trainings bring together between 8 and 150 people and are an opportunity to exchange on the topics that concern you under the watchful eye of a professional facilitator.

Time management and priorities (GTP)

    • The balance, the description of tasks and time management (GTP part I)
    • Delegation and Collaborative Work (GTP Part II)


    • Are you an exceptional leader?
    • Strategic alignment
    • Three unique and only the leader roles
    • Short term – Delegation time management: the antithesis of micromanagement
    • Lazy Management (inspired by lazy gardener – All About Easy Gardening by Larry Hodgson)

Human resources (GHR) management

    • Emotional intelligence
    • Managing psychological distress in the workplace
    • Motivate and mobilize members of work teams
    • Mediation and conflict management

Customer service (retail, industrial, products, services)

    • The ABC's of the sale
    • Problem solving in a relationship with a client angry or dissatisfied