Your organizational development

"Ghislain Demers is a well-liked speaker and knows how to get in touch with his audience." – Comment from a participant in the conference on life design.

I have taken a radically different approach to life and I share my experiences to help you trust yourself and motivate you to the changes in life that come your way.

For the past ten years, I have lectured on life change based on my life experience, my literature review of the past 20 years, and the needs of the businesses and people who have used my services.

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1. To help you better define your needs, choose the length of the conference

      • 20 minutes – 1 theme
      • 60 minutes – 2 to 3 themes
      • 90 minutes – 3 themes

2. Then choose the topics that interest you:

      • Management of time and priorities
      • Small and large changes in life planning
      • Personal development and life skills
      • Emotional intelligence
      • Strategic alignment
      • Preparation for a sabbatical
      • Mobilization of people at work
      • Healthy lifestyle habits
      • How to avoid exhaustion? (burnout)
      • How to cope with exhaustion? (burnout)
      • How do I get back from exhaustion? (burnout)
      • Improve productivity
      • The place of nature in our lives
      • How to develop and maintain a business network

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