Life changes!

You decided: enough! You'll change this piece of your life that makes you in circles.

Conflicts, fatigue, difficulty making choices, anxiety about the future, not enough time and too many priorities, challenges with your employees, difficult clients, planning a travel plan, planning your retirement, big and small changes…

The "Design of Lives" will allow you to face these challenges that bother you and you will move on to concrete actions that will propel you towards the life you dream of…

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About Ghislain Demers

Since the end of my College, I have taken several years of sabbaticals. I visited Western Europe by bike (1993), Canada on the go and dog sled (1999) and more recently, North America with my family and our dog in Westfalia (2009-10).

These trips opened me up to the world. The communities I visited have all left an important mark on my life and helped shape who I am and my value system.

The outdoors is my passion. Every week, I spend a minimum of 8 hours there, and how good it does me – and to you too, you'll see, since walking in the forest is an integral part of the approach to designing lives.

I have over 25 years of management experience. My career with small and large Canadian companies and organizations has allowed me to develop a management approach where greater emphasis is placed on people.

I am in turn an accompanist, advisor, consultant and designer. I also share my experience and knowledge by offering training in time management and priorities, emotional intelligence, team mobilization, customer service management…

For nearly 10 years, I have also been a mentor in the Sherbrooke Innopole Business Mentoring Cell. I assist entrepreneurs in their desire for success.

Looking forward to meeting you