Designer of lives

Your personal development

The "Design of Lives" will give you the taste to dream and help you move from dream to action

My unique approach is guided by three inseparable principles:

    • Refocus the management practices and life for greater attention to the human (you and those who surround you)
    • Break the isolation feels a prisoner when we have deep problems
    • Create new habits for you to break the cycles that you paralyze

A human, active and effective approach

Human – throughout our journey together, you will be the center of our exchanges, our focus at all times. This is one of the hallmarks of this unique approach: life design places the human, the person – you! – at the heart of the interventions. In this sense, I am inspired by the concepts of human ecology and sustainable development.

Active – This intervention formula also stands out because we take advantage of the beneficial effects of physical activity and the outdoors: at every meeting, we walk outside. And, you see, that's where solutions take form!

Effective – You will see many benefits to this approach. She:

    • directs the discussions to help identify your needs and goals
    • helps you take action
    • promotes a balance between your personal and professional lives
    • gives you tools and problem-solving techniques of the time, priorities and stress management, problem
    • you give possible solutions and guides you in their application results in a new lifestyle
    • value your independence and autonomy
    • reveal your full potential

You're the expert, that deciding on the final destination, also posing gestures to get there. For my part, I help you to chart the route – your action plan – and I accompany you in the implementation of the new design of your life.

Conduct of meetings

All takes the form of meetings of 2 hours every 2 weeks. We then take the pulse of your situation, discuss the events since the last meeting and analyze the progress you have made.

The exchanges take place outside, in motion. We walk – good times and bad. This is an opportunity to activate everything by reconnecting with our environment. It also allows to find ourselves in a place without structure that leaves room for better introspection and depth of judgment. You will see: try it, it is to adopt!

The main goal, at the end of each meeting, is to make you feel better. You will leave energized and motivated: it is guaranteed or you do not pay for the consultation.

The market and the outdoors

Have you ever noticed that we often have excellent discussions with our loved ones during a car trip?

It's a bit the same with the market. As we walk, we are in a particularly good situation:

    • We are side by side and not, face to face
    • Our gaze is away, toward the horizon
    • Our heart pumps more blood in our body, but mainly, to our brain
    • We become more creative and open

Similarly, the effect of the outdoors is considerable.

    • The fresh air gives us more energy
    • colours, birdsong, light inspire us and increase our attention
    • Our senses are bombarded with information and in response, our body and brain produce large doses of stimulants that give us a feeling of well-being

You don't need to trust me on these points. More and more scientific research we explain these features.

Here are some articles and summaries of research that you could consult if you want to learn more:

Put your best foot forward: why walking is good for you

Stanford study finds walking improves creativity

Give Your Ideas Some legacy: The Positive Effect of Walking on Creative Thinking

Regular exercise in a natural environment may cut the risk of suffering from poor mental health by half

I searched and accumulated a lot more information on these topics. Do not hesitate to contact me and i will be happy to share my readings with you.